Q: What was with that cliffhanger? Whose eyes were behind Snively? What happened to Robotnik?

A: The eyes!SatAM's season 2 had one of the most epic season finales you could ever ask for in a children's cartoon show. Although the episode was a fitting resolution to the series in many respects, "The Doomsday Project" also ended on a bit of a cliffhanger—one that left more than a few fans wondering exactly what happened.

So what did happen? Contrary to popular belief, Robotnik was not actually killed at the end of Doomsday; he was sent to "The Void" where Ixis Naugus and King Acorn reside. According to writer Ben Hurst, the eyes behind Snively at the end of the episode actually belong to Ixis Naugus, the wizard from The Void.

The creators and writers for the show had every intention of continuing production on a third season if ABC had not pulled the plug on the series, hence the reason for the cliffhanger.

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